La Tour de Diors

The story of Diors is punctuated by happy and unhappy moments.

On this property there was a brick and stone castle built in the 16th century. This castle survived wars and revolutions until August 1944.

Charles-Armand and Madeleine de Gontaut Biron, my grandparents, had the heartbreak to see the castle bombarded and then devastated by incendiary bombs!

The most distressing thing is that this bombardment was provoked by bad information as the enemy had been gone for a month!

La Tour de Diors
reborn from its ashes

Nothing discouraged the inhabitants of the time: They renovated, rebuilt the existing houses, pavilions and outhouses, attempted to reconstruct the castle, but they were unable to finish all the work and they stopped at the tower. Still exists today …

Years passed and my parents Robert and Bernadette de La Rochefoucauld took over this property and they gave it to us in 1990.

Unfortunately following a spark on a hot day all the outhouses burned in 2014 ……

Today, after a meticulous reconstruction, we offer a renovated barn, an alliance of the old and the modern with a magnificent framework that seems to date from several centuries.

Diors reborn from its ashes, resists, evolves …


Astrid Gaignault